Group Companies

Group companies of OYAK in the industrial field are consisted of leading establishments with the biggest facilities of Turkey from iron-steel to chemistry, cement production to energy and automotive sector. Group is also active in the service sector. OYAK has various companies in the service sector from construction to logistics, tourism to security. OYAK also has presence in banking, consumer financing and brokerage transactions in capital markets through the companies in Turkey and at abroad which it has participated to.

According to the consolidated results of 2018, OYAK’s total turnover has reached to TRY 47,1 billion and total assets to TRY 101,5 billion. Total export figure of the Group in 2018 is US$ 4,7 billion, which constitutes approximately 2,8% of the total export of Turkey. OYAK Group provides an increasing added value and contributes to the economic development with its production, sales, export and taxes paid.