OYAK Group Companies

Companies of OYAK Group in the industry sector cover many institutions which range from iron-steel to chemistry, from cement production to energy and automotive and include leading institutions that are equipped with the largest facilities of Turkey.  Another major field of activity of the group is the service sector. OYAK has many companies in the service sector ranging from construction to logistics and from tourism to security.  Moreover, OYAK is also present in the sectors of banking, consumer financing and intermediation in capital markets through the affiliated national and international companies.

According to the consolidated results of 2015, the total revenue of OYAK Group has reached TRY 23.5 billion while its total assets have reached TRY 51.6 billion. Total exports of the group for 2015 amount to USD 3.3 billion and this amount corresponds to nearly 2.3% of the total exports of Turkey.

OYAK Group provides incremental added value to the national economy through its production, sales, export and taxes paid and support the economic development.