Salih Cem Oral is Appointed as The New General Manager of Erdemir

Salih Cem Oral is appointed as the new General Manager of Ereğli Demir Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş. (Erdemir).

The Move Of Hektaş Towards 2 Billion Dollar Pet Market

Hektaş will have a voice in the sector with premium quality pet food

Agreement for Turkey Largest Automotive Port is Signed

US$ 110 million cooperation between OYAK and the Japanese giant NYK Line.

Hektaş and Gebze Technical University Established an R&D Cooperation for National Agriculture

A strategic private sector-university cooperation

OYAK Starts Real Estate Projects With Revenue Sharing Model

OYAK has launched a 1.5 million square meter real estate development project in three valuable regions of Istanbul. 

OYAK's Real Estate Investments and Services Continue Uninterruptedly

Construction of OYAK Göksupark Residences in Ankara continues, the zoning planning and urban design works are being carried out for the lands acquired in Ankara, İzmir and Yalova.

6 Billion TL Interest by OYAK to Its Members

58th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of OYAK, Turkey's biggest professional pension fund, has been held on May 5 at Ankara. 

İsdemir-Linde Gaz Ortaklığı Has Opened The Most Efficient Industrial Gas Production Facility of Turkey

İsdemir-Linde Gaz Ortaklığı, which was founded in 2016 with Turkish - German partnership, officially started with its operations and made its first production.