OYAK is a successful example of the complementary occupational pension funds in our country.

OYAK performs all its activities within the scope of the Law No. 205. OYAK is a legal entity which is subject to the provisions of private law and is autonomous in terms of financial and administrative aspects.


OYAK is a complementary occupational pension fund.

OYAK is the only successful example in Turkey for the complementary occupational pension funds defined as second pillar pension systems in the world. It utilizes its assets which completely belong to its members mainly in financial and corporate investments without compromising on efficiency and profitability. OYAK provides financial support to its members through various loan products in different periods of their lives. OYAK also engages in activities as a life insurance institution.


The number of members of OYAK has nearly reached 310 thousand.

In order to prepare a more secure future for its members whose number is nearly 310 thousand, OYAK aims to provide the maximum annual returns possible and to present high value-added services through its unique model. OYAK focuses on the satisfaction, welfare and safe future of its members. Internalizing the emerging technologies and corporate management practices in its services at this perspective, OYAK continues to perform its activities so as to provide a better future for its members.


Main objective of OYAK is;

  • To offer its benefits and services in line with the principles of “individual equality” and “the fair distribution of resources to participants”,
  • To increase the savings of its members,
  • To ensure the satisfaction of its members through the systems created and developed for them to utilize the savings of its members with a long-term approach by being aware of its responsibilities for future generations,
  • To reflect the acquired revenues on the reserves of its members in proportion to the annual returns.

Objective of a modern living standard

All of the activities conducted in OYAK are aimed at providing its members a modern living standard during their active duty and retirement and making this standard sustainable.


Savings of members in OYAK that

  • considers the balance of risks and returns,
  • is based on a long-term approach,
  • is sensitive to the society and the environment,
  • creates resources with short-term returns

are utilized within the scope of a business mentality and are directed towards portfolio investments. 


Objective of sustaining the actuarial balance 

It performs all its activities with a perspective aimed at protecting and increasing the savings of its members and duly observes the principle of high-quality service. It provides its services without disrupting its actuarial balance and by continuously observing a secure future for its members and constantly aims to improve the satisfaction of its members by providing added value at the highest level in its services.