ODAK Approach

ODAK Approach

ODAK, which means a focal point or to focus on something in Turkish, is the approach adopted by the OYAK Group in its endeavors regarding H&S. 

With its multi-sectoral structure, OYAK features work areas in different hazard classes. As each sector has its own health and safety practices, focus is given to spreading the good practices to all the sectors having common grounds.

The subjects of focus for all Group Companies under OYAK are each individually important. In addition to this, professionals from all sectors work on common issues determined by the group's needs analysis and create guidance documents.

Utilization of the same methodology by OYAK Group's safety professionals to investigate all kinds of work accidents is also carried out within the framework of the ODAK approach. Learned outcomes from accidents are shared with the relevant teams in order to carry out proactive measures and many accidents/incidents are thus prevented.