We kept our promise to future generations by becoming the first organization in our category

OYAK ecosystem Zero Waste Project, launched by OYAK with the mission of protecting the future generations, continues to contribute to Turkey’s sustainable development goalsand to create socioeconomic value. Launched on July 29, 2019 and which will involve all the Group Companies, the project was also officially registered by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. OYAK General Directorate was entitled to be the first organization to have received the Basic Zero Waste certificated in its category of buildings and campuses other than public institutions and organizations.

The OYAK Group, which carefully monitors resource efficiency and wastage prevention in every stage of its operations, ensures a complete transition to zero waste in its OYAK General Directorate and offices in four different locations throughout Ankara, under the scope of its Zero Waste Project.

With the works carried out, innovative solutions are designed regarding the reduction, separation and recycling of wastes generated at the General Directorate offices, and thus the legislative requirements are met.

OYAK Group aims creating a change in culture by reaching an ecosystem of 1.5 million people in the second phase of the project, which is planned with the awareness of its responsibility to the future generations. With the inclusion of all sector leader Group Companies to the OYAK’s ecosystem Zero Waste Project and further expanding the scope of the project, OYAK Group contributes greatly to the country's economy and launches a total awareness movement for environmental sustainability. In the later stages of the project, OYAK will continue to act respectfully and responsibly to the needs of the present and the future by exceeding the legislative requirements.