We are aiming “Zero Waste” with The OYAK Ecosystem

As OYAK, we plan not only the present but also the future while making decisions that will shape our future as we build the future with our sustainable practices.

The circular economy, which is in every aspect of our lives, requires change in consumption habits and necessitate proper waste management. With the “Zero Waste Project”, we have taken the first step of the OYAK ecosystem where we will implement all our sustainability projects that will contribute economically and ecologically with an efficient and sustainable management understanding towards global resources. With this project, we aim to reach approximately 1.5 million people in OYAK's sphere of influence, including OYAK employees, our members and their families, as well as contributing to public awareness raising on waste prevention and resource efficiency.

With the zero waste transition we will start at OYAK, we will put a break on consuming resources, which actually belong to the future generations, by using our resources efficiently.