İsdemir-Linde Gaz Ortaklığı Has Opened The Most Efficient Industrial Gas Production Facility of Turkey

İsdemir-Linde Gaz Ortaklığı, which was founded in 2016 with Turkish - German partnership, officially started with its operations and made its first production. With the foundation laid 12 months ago with the partnership of OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group and the German engineering and industrial gas company Linde and completed in a record time, the facility has been inaugurated with the ceremony held on April 13. Established with an investment of 250 million TL, the facility is "Turkey's most efficient industrial gas production facility" and is among the best in the world in energy efficiency.

Established with equal partnership by İsdemir, a company of OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group, and Linde Gas Turkey, a member of the German Linde Group, in 2016 and a valuable example to Turkish-German cooperation with a strategic importance, İsdemir-Linde Gaz Ortaklığı has officially started with its operations. The industrial gas production facility, which was commissioned with a ceremony held on April 13 in İskenderun, was completed in a record time of 12 months with an investment of 250 million TL. The facility, which will produce Turkey's most efficient industrial gas, will supply 1.700 tons of oxygen and nitrogen per day. An additional steel production of 300 thousand tons will take place in İsdemir with the oxygen capacity to be provided by the facility that will increase the oxygen production capacity by 60 percent and nitrogen production capacity by 70 percent of İsdemir. The effect of this production on the turnover will be around 750 million TL.

OYAK Group General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem said, "We are launching our efforts on "efficiency increase", which is one of the prioritized targets of OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group, as they are planned. In this context, the industrial gas production facility that we have established jointly with the Linde Group will carry the sustainable productivity of our company to a further level and make a significant contribution to our group financially. I believe this investment, which I see as a valuable symbol of our vision of "maximum efficiency through technological transformation", will provide a significant added value to both OYAK and our country's economy."

Linde AG Board Member Berind Eulitz said, "As the Linde Group, we have been working with a vision focused on technology, innovation and solutions for over 140 years. We are pleased to offer our global expertise and experience to support the production processes of our partner OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group. The new facility we have inaugurated today has first-class technological features, and stands out by being environmentally friendly. In addition to offering further growth and mutual benefits in the future, this investment reflects the success of our growing business in Turkey and our desire for further investment in the region."