Cement Concrete Paper

Cement Concrete Paper


In Turkey, the 5th largest exporter in global cement sector, there are 51 integrated cement plants and 20 grinding facilities. In the sector which has a total clinker production capacity of 80 million tons/year, 81 million tons of cement were produced and 72,2 million tons of cement sold in 2015.

OYAK has six companies operating in the cement sector including Adana Çimento, Mardin Çimento, Denizli Çimento, Bolu Çimento, Ünye Çimento and Aslan Çimento. Shares of five of the abovementioned companies, excluding Denizli Çimento, are traded in BIST (Borsa Istanbul). Companies of the OYAK Cement Group grinding capacity is 22,5 million tons/year. 

In the ISO 500 list based on the results of 2017, Adana Çimento ranked 344th, Bolu Çimento ranked 305th, Aslan Çimento ranked 492nd, while Denizli Çimento and Mardin Çimento ranked 73rd and 311th, respectively, in the ISO Second 500 List.

Concrete and Aggregate

Ready-mixed concrete is one of the most essential inputs of the construction sector and the developments in the construction sector directly affect the ready-mixed concrete sector. In this context, the growth rate of Turkey shows parallelism with the growth rate of construction and ready-mixed concrete sectors.

While Turkey ranks on top in the ready-mixed concrete in Europe, Turkey globally ranks third after China and the USA.

OYAK Group operates in the concrete sector through OYAK Beton headquartered in Ankara.

Within OYAK Beton, there are approximately 50 ready-mixed concrete facilities in a wide geography covering Mediterranean, Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions.

Company produces aggregate, which affects both the quality and costs of concrete, through 2 aggregate pits owned by the company.

As the sector’s most powerful service providers, our group companies are always preferred as a solution partner in the projects important for the Turkish economy, as well as in the branded housing projects.

OYAK Beton ranked 268th in the ISO 500 list based on the data of 2017.

Kraft Paper and Bag

There are currently 51 companies operating in the paper and cardboard sector in Turkey, and the sector has a growth that is parallel with the growth of Turkey. Kraft bag paper and kraft liner consumption constituted 6% of the production of 6,6 million tons in the paper and cardboard sector in Turkey in 2017. 10 manufacturers producing kraft bags in Turkey serve the kraft bag market covering a volume of 670 million pieces.

Our affiliate OYKA, which has the only integrated paper factory of Turkey, manufactures kraft paper and products made of kraft paper. In 2017, OYKA covered nearly 21% of the need in kraft and kraft liner paper.

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