OYAK subsidiaries include ATAER established so as to have affiliation in the companies that engage in activities in various sectors, OYAK Güvenlik providing physical and electronic security services, OYAK İnşaat developing building projects and construction works, OYAK Pazarlama providing hygiene, technical, tourism - organization and technological services, OSİAT which is a business administration and MicroMedicine engaging in activities in the field of medical technologies, OYAK Sermaye Yatırımları established so as to evaluation of investment opportunities.


Sector of Plant Protection and Animal Health Drugs 

According to the data of TURKSTAT, plant and animal production values in Turkey are TRY 119.7 billion and TRY 128.8 billion in 2015, respectively and they amount to TRY 248.5 billion in total.

It is estimated that sectoral volumes are TRY 1.4 billion for plant protection products and TRY 0.8 billion for veterinary products in 2015.

HEKTAŞ, the affiliate of OYAK active in the sectors of plant protection and veterinary products, sells and markets more than 250 plant protection and plant nutrition products and nearly 30 veterinary drugs and feed additives. HEKTAŞ also is the distributor of some prominent firms in the global sector of plant protection products in Turkey. The Company, one of the pioneer institutions in the sector, is always among the top 3 firms in the sector. HEKTAŞ came the 238th in the İSO (İstanbul Chamber of Industry) Second 500 list prepared based on the data from the end of 2015.