Iron - Steel Sector 

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the iron-steel sector regarding capacity and production growth rate experienced in the last 15 years. As of the end of 2015, our country comes 9th in terms of global steel production and 2nd after Germany in Europe through the growth in production gained since 2000 by way of an increase in capacity.

In the iron-steel sector which acts as a locomotive for national economies, Turkey repeats its successful rank in production also in consumption due to its vibrant economy and continues to be one of the leading countries in the world. A rate of consumption rise which is higher than the world average has been achieved especially due to an increase in manufacturing output in 2015 as well as major investments such as TANAP Project, İstanbul Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the 3rd Airport of İstanbul.

Raw steel production amounted to 31.5 million tons in Turkey in 2015; 20.5 million tons thereof were produced in the facilities integrated with an electric arc furnace while 11 million tons were produced in integrated facilities.

Erdemir, our subsidiary that engages in activities in the iron-steel sector, is the only integrated flat steel producer of Turkey and the invincible leader and the most favorite company of the sector together with its subsidiaries. Erdemir Group, which comes 13th among the best steel producers of the world according to a study organized by the World Steel Dynamics according to criteria such as capacity, range of products with added value, production costs, financial structure, competitiveness and so on, produced 28% of the total raw steel produced in Turkey in 2015.

In the İSO (İstanbul Chamber of Industry) 500 list prepared according to the data of 2015, Erdemir is 7th, İsdemir 9th, Erdemir Steel Service Center 89th and Erdemir Mining 303th. Shares of Erdemir and İsdemir are traded in BİST (Borsa İstanbul).