Turkish Electric Energy Sector

Given the data of electric energy generation and consumption of the Turkish electric energy sector as of the end of 2015, it is seen that total electricity consumption increased by 3.3% year-on-year and reached 265.7 billion kWh in parallel with the economic growth while electricity generation reached 261.8 billion kWh with a rise of 3.9% in parallel with this development. As of the end of 2015, Turkey has an installed power of 73,146.7 MW.

Given the distribution of electricity generation in Turkey by sources in 2015, it is observed that 37.9% of total generation is provided from natural gas, 29.1% from coal, 25.6% from hydro-based sources, 4.5% from wind, 1.3% from geothermal sources and 1.6% from other sources.

While İSKEN, one of the companies of OYAK engaging in activities in the electric energy sector, is one of the largest international investments of our country in this sector, it is also one of the largest thermal power plants of our country with its net installed capacity of 1,210 MW (605x2).  With an approximate annual generation of 9 thousand GWh, the facility met 3.5% of the electricity need of Turkey in 2015.