Konut Ön Biriktirim Fonu (KÖBF)

Housing savings fund is a fund that allows for the utilization of the savings of OYAK members that are composed of 10% additional contribution under the guarantee of OYAK in order to make it easy for them to buy houses.

Members who have not made use of any Housing Loan from OYAK and have not acquired the houses which are made to be constructed by OYAK can participate in this Fund. Participation in the Fund is discretionary and all members can participate therein irrespective of the duration of membership.

If members become entitled to utilize the OYAK Housing Loan and if they do not want to utilize any loan together with the Housing Loan prior to becoming entitled to the loan or even if they become entitled to the loan; when they certify that they have purchased a house or that they are the partner of a cooperative housing society, they can leave from the KÖBF or in case of the termination of their permanent membership in OYAK.