Emekli Maaşı Sistemi (EMS)


Emekli Maaşı Sistemi is a system through which members can continue to sustain their relations with OYAK in case of retirement. The Pension Benefit System enables the members who become entitled to receive the Pension Benefit and whose permanent membership for OYAK will come to an end to waive from 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 or all of their Pension Benefits and to make use of the revenues and Social Services of OYAK during their lifetime.

Although the PS is not an ordinary pension practice, it is a kind of dividend partnership based on revenue sharing.

In this System, a portion of the revenue calculated according to the rate of return of that year is paid to its members under the name “PENSION” while the remaining portion of the revenue is added to the “RESERVE”. Amount of the pension varies depending on the ratio of dividend of OYAK and on the reserve of the member and can be different among periods.