Housing Services


Helping its members to become a homeowner is one of the most important aims of OYAK.

In this sense, OYAK-based Housing Loan and Bank-based Alternative Housing Loan Services are offered in line with the needs of OYAK members.

Housing Services offered by OYAK so as to help its permanent members buy a house are provided under the headings of: “Personal Loan”, “Bank-based Housing Loan”, “Cooperative Loan” and “Institutional Houses”.

Members have the right to make use of one of the OYAK-based Housing Services of their own choosing only for once during their membership. Permanent members who have completed 15 years (who have actually contributed for 180 months) can make use of the service.

As an alternative to the OYAK-based Housing Loans, Bank-based Housing Loan Services are also available through the banks with which an agreement has been reached.