Bağışa Dayalı Emekli Geliri Sistemi (BDEGS)


Bağışa Dayalı Emekli Geliri Sistemi is a donation-based retirement income system that system based on voluntary participation used so as to provide additional income to members during their lifetime.

The members who have completed at least 10 years as members, can participate in the System.

In the event that the system yields a rate of return that is higher than the guaranteed 5%, each participant receives a share of the additional return in accordance with the profit participation system. The portion of the determined additional income which is calculated by dividing the age of the participant by 100 is paid together with the guaranteed income to the participant under the name of “additional payment”.

It is also possible to add all annual income accrued in the System into the reserve of the participant upon his/her written request.

It is not possible to leave the System; however, demise of a participant, the gross amount of reserves in the System on the date of demise is paid to the beneficiaries declared by the participant in the annex of the Contract in the rates shown next to them.