Being a Member of OYAK

Members of OYAK are classified into two main groups as permanent and temporary members.


Permanent members of OYAK

All regular officers, contract officers, military employees, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned contract officers, and specialist gendarmes employed in the Turkish Armed Forces, all members participating in the pension system, and, in the case of the death of a member, the spouse of such member if such spouse has elected to participate in the pension system, are permanent members of the Fund.

Specialist privates and personnel employed in the Ministry of National Defense, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Fund, or any entity in which the Fund owns at least fifty percent of the capital may elect to be permanent members of the Fund.

Reserve officers in active military service shall be temporary members of the Fund. Persons who transfer from temporary membership to permanent membership may have their period of temporary membership merged with their continuing period of permanent membership provided that they shall pay any difference in dues, including earnings thereon calculated in accordance with procedures determined by the Fund.


How to be a member?

Membership procedures of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Specialist Gendarmes are performed by OYAK in line with the information sent by the Personnel Department of the relevant Force.

To become a member, military employees and specialized sergeants need to fill in the  Membership Application Form. Membership starts when the first contribution is received by OYAK.

As the activities of OYAK relevant to social security are mainly based on the method of insurance, members contribute to OYAK in the form of premiums or under the name stipulated in the Law No. 205.


Termination of membership

It is not possible to terminate the membership of OYAK on a discretionary basis. In case of the dismissal of a member from the institution to which s/he is affiliated for any reason (for reasons such as retirement, death, disability and resignation etc.), membership is terminated.