On-line Member Services

Do not write your password anywhere. Do not save your password on a computer or browser. Avoid passwords that can be easily guessed, such as the birthday of a close one, a special day and your phone number. 


Ensure that your computer is secure.

It is important that you have an up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer. Anti-virus software protects your system from known viruses and possible attacks. The anti-virus software should be continuously updated and should be kept running especially when downloading files from the Internet. Before downloading programs from the Internet and from the portable devices/media, be sure to scan the files for viruses. Do not use, on your computer, programs and portable devices/media, which are unlicensed or that you are not confident about.

Having a personal firewall software installed on your computer will contribute your security positively. This software prevents the files or information on your computer from being sent to another user without your knowledge and it also prevents your computer being accessed remotely.

Be absolutely sure to install the security updates to the computer you are using.


Login by typing www.oyak.com.tr to the address bar.

If you wish to use OYAK On-line Member Services, please type www.oyak.com.tr to your browser. Do not login to OYAK On-line Member Services by clicking on any link contained in one of the emails sent to you or after being directed from other pages. Enter the OYAK On-line Member Services only by clicking the On-line Member Services link located on www.oyak.com.tr.

To secure your password entries, it is recommended to use the "Virtual Keyboard" application during login to OYAK On-line Member Services. This application allows you to enter your OYAK Institution Member Number, password and security code by clicking the keys on the "virtual keyboard" with the mouse.

The LOCK symbol should be checked at the bottom right corner or top corners of the login page, where the Institution Member Number/Password is asked, and the transaction pages of OYAK On-line Member Services. When the LOCK symbol is double-clicked, the green ARMED FORCES PENSION FUND statement, indicating that the page is encrypted with SSL and that the site belongs to OYAK, should appear. The SSL protocol is used between our web servers and internet browsers. SSL ensures that the information sent is strictly decipherable only at the correct address. Verification is done on both sides to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the process and the information. When you access a website possessing a secure access certificate, the address bar of your browser turns green. Thanks to this visual indicator, you can be sure that you are on the real website.

When you leave OYAK On-line Member Services, be sure to click the "Log out" button and close the window after making sure that you are logged out of OYAK On-line Member Services.