Keep your personal information confidential.

Information such as your password, Turkish Identity Number, bank information and single-use password belong to you. For security, never share such information with third persons. Do not keep, in written form, your password and other personal information on your mobile phone, on your computer, or in a physical environment. Do not store a scanned image of your ID on your computer. Do not share any of your personal information and/or account information with the persons who, in social networks or on the phone, introduce themselves as one of your friends, an OYAK employee, or a security officer.


Be careful about emails and phones.

Some viruses can spread via e-mails. Delete the e-mails of which sender/senders you do not recognize, or that appear suspicious. Be careful when you are asked for your confidential information from e-mails, chat rooms, or messaging services, even if it comes from someone you know very well.

Take no notice of suspicious calls and do not respond to requests such as information sharing.