Briefing on The Law No. 6698 on The Protection of Personal Data 

We hereby notify you, a valuable member of the Turkish Armed Forces Pension Fund (OYAK), in order to fulfill our obligation to inform as data supervisor under the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("LPPD") No. 6698.

Within the scope of the Law No. 6698, "Personal Data" means; your identity information including those transferred by you under OYAK membership or information obtained from third parties including related associations and trustees together with public and private institutions, all information in your member file, all information you transmitted, all information used on OYAK information technologies and communication systems through tools such as web sites and mobile applications obtained from and/or stored in written, verbal, audible, visual or electronic media automatically or manually and personal information necessary for us to fulfill our legal obligations, your health information, your information sent by public institutions or judicial bodies regarding legal transactions, if available, and your claims from the Fund and any and all information including your special personal data.

OYAK possesses the title of "Data Supervisor" as defined in the Law No. 6698. Your Personal Data are processed, registered, stored, preserved, updated, if necessary, and may be transferred in line with the conditions under Article 5 and 6 of LPPD in order to communicate and inform you to fulfill legal obligations arising from your membership pursuant to the Law No. 205, to ensure you benefit the support and services extended by OYAK, to provide these services by observing the highest standards with regard to member satisfaction and to provide you with the products and services that OYAK Group Companies offer. OYAK takes reasonable technical measures to protect your personal data against loss, alterations, any and all illegal and unauthorized use and access that might occur during data transfer on computer network and other malicious transactions and misuse.

Within the framework of Law No. 205, specifically Articles 8 and 9 thereof, and other legislation, consistent with the law and the rule of integrity, and in a way that is connected to, restricted by and proportional to the purposes stated above, your personal data that are processed within the context of this notification may be shared with OYAK Group companies as well as legally authorized judicial and administrative authorities, public institutions and organizations and legally authorized real and legal persons such as banks, insurance/pension companies and independent auditing firms, in addition to persons and institutions that provide us with services such as the "cloud storage" of data and the likes thereof. 

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law regarding the processing of your personal data, you have the right to know if your personal data is processed or not, and if so, to request information on the matter, to be informed about the purpose of processing your data and learn if this use fits the purpose, to know the third parties that your personal data were transferred to both in and out of the country, to request rectification in case the personal data are processed amiss, to request the deletion or destruction of personal data in case the reasons for processing your personal data are no longer applicable or the anonymization thereof so that the data cannot be traced to you and your identity, to have the third parties that received the personal data notified on alterations or deletion, to object to the unfavorable consequences against yourself arising from the analysis of processed data exclusively by automatic systems and to request compensation in the case of any damage that you incur due to the illegal processing of your personal data. Your written requests on such matters shall be fulfilled under Article 13 of the Law.

We kindly submit the matter to you for information purposes.