Human Resources

Human resources (HR) policies of OYAK and its Group Companies focus on meeting the HR needs of OYAK and its Group Companies, utilizing and sustaining HR at the optimal level within the framework of parallelism in HR practices, the follow-up, monitoring, guiding and coordination of the developments within the group, cooperation and exchange of information and in line with the mission, vision and values of OYAK. During the selection and placement of personnel, it is aimed to employ the persons who

  • have a high-level education,
  • are open to innovation and change,
  • are dynamic,
  • have the potential of improving themselves and their job,
  • are capable of being a part of teamwork,
  • will embrace and protect the values of OYAK

at OYAK and its Group Companies.

Our Affiliates manage the processes of selection and placement by themselves in line with the legislation to which they are subject by considering the sectoral characteristics and needs, create their own pools of applications, determine their staff within the framework of business needs and activities and manage recruitment processes.

The common feature sought for the candidates to be recruited in OYAK Group is to have the education, technical knowledge and competences required by the relevant post.

OYAK and its Group Companies mainly meet their human resources needs through

  • applications filled via candidate database addresses on internet,
  • general applications to be filed over its corporate web page,
  • consultancy firms depending on the requirements of the relevant post.

There is no central selection and placement system for the Group Companies of OYAK. For this reason, the candidates who would like to file a job application to the Affiliates of OYAK can directly file their general job applications to the relevant company by using the links in the section “Affiliates” of our web page.

Job notices for the vacant posts are announced by the Directorate General of OYAK via, and/or

You can fill in the human resources form* for a general job application that you will file to the Directorate General of OYAK.

 * Your CV will be kept in our databank for a period of 2 years for the needs which may emerge in the future. No other application method is used for general job applications.