Sustainability Policy and Strategy

OYAK Group which engages in activities at national and international level embraces the approach of more value with less resources in all its operations.

Sustainability policy of OYAK is implemented in the fields of impact and responsibility as an entity composed of many components including, in particular, the “awareness of future”.

OYAK identifies the risks and opportunities of sustainability and constantly improves its performance by monitoring its activities through internationally accepted indicators. In this regard, it fulfills the relevant undertakings and encourages all its stakeholders towards more ambitious practices.  

Our commitments in terms of sustainability are:

  • To encourage our employees and all other stakeholders to embrace our sustainability policy
  • To support the dissemination and implementation of the awareness aimed at increasing environmental sensitivity in our employees, suppliers and subcontractors in parallel with international developments
  • To identify sustainability objectives that will take our activities one step beyond the legislative requirements by attaching particular importance to continuous improvement with an effective, participatory and transparent management approach
  • To encourage innovation so as to guide our activities and investments with an objective of remaining competitive and contribute to the development of the society
  • To make plans so as to conserve and develop biodiversity in the areas and regions where we engage in activities by also considering the needs of communities
  • To monitor our performance through identified indicators and to share our plans for future within the framework of the principle of transparency listed among our values
  • To embrace the principles of corporate management as an inseparable part of our approach of management
  • To create programs aimed at supporting the motivation of our employees in human resources practices within the framework of the principles of equal opportunities, mutual respect and responsibility
  • To take into account economic returns, social gains, environmental impacts and human rights with a holistic approach in our investments, policies and strategies
  • To implement internationally accepted standards so as to create a safe environment for our stakeholders including, in particular, our employees and to make occupational safety an inseparable part of all our activities

Within the framework of its sustainability policy, OYAK shows respect and bears responsibility for the today’s and future’s needs while moving towards the identified objectives.

OYAK pursues its activities with the awareness that its existence depends on the continuity of conditions where humans and nature exist in harmony.

In the evidence of this strategy, OYAK moves in determination towards the objectives identified for 2014-2016.


The objectives for the 2014-2016 period:


Sustainability Management

As a pension fund which has always devoted itself to continuous improvement by being aware of its responsibilities, OYAK aims to convey the trust built thereby to future generations.

OYAK Group identifies sustainability indicators within the framework of global and corporate priorities and adopted them in decision-making mechanisms. This approach which is embraced at every level of management and guides business manners allows for the sharing of responsibilities in a way to cover the entire organization. The management approach which makes sustainability the basis of the Group’s culture at OYAK is transferred to all stakeholders as an exemplary model.

Within OYAK Group, sustainability is managed with the vision and support of the top management within a process involving all employees and through an organization starting from the headquarters and extending to the activities of Group Companies.

In order to improve the Group’s sustainability performance, a “Sustainability Committee” was set up, which consists of the OYAK General Directorate and representatives from the cement, iron and steel and automotive Group, and operates under the presidency of the OYAK’s Executive Vice President. Maintaining its dynamic structure, the committee follows the current developments, sustainability activities and methodological works of the Group via monthly meetings. Essential duty of the committee is to ensure that:

  • Activities are planned and monitored at the level of objectives and actions,
  • Updates and improvements are made on the sustainability roadmap of OYAK Group as created through a participatory approach, wherever necessary,
  • A platform is created so as to transfer operational activities to decision-makers through the relevant participatory structure.

Moreover, “OYAK Sustainability Group” has been created with a wide participation so as to reflect the Group vision guided by the Sustainability Committee on the practices of Companies. OYAK Sustainability Group is composed of the senior directors of the Group Companies and the relevant technical personnel and the Sustainability Committee. The Group organizes annual Sustainability Evaluation Meetings under the leadership of OYAK’s Executive Vice President who presides over the Sustainability Committee. During these meetings, the following items are discussed and finalized:

  • Evaluation of the activities performed during the previous year,
  • Determination of the priorities and fields of activity in relation to the next year,
  • Drawing up necessary plans so as to identify priorities and to implement activities.

During the Evaluation Meeting for 2013, priorities were put forth as regards the sustainability roadmap covering the period “2014-2016”. The Roadmap and Objectives were created based on the identified priorities.  This activity was evaluated and finalized by the Sustainability Committee and implemented upon the approval of the Senior Management.