Sustainability Performance


Indicators aimed at measuring the sustainability performance within OYAK Group are identified by considering internationally accepted principles, guidelines and the multi-sectoral structure of the Group. Monitored indicators are shared with our stakeholders through various platforms and documents within the principles of responsibility and transparency.  

Details of the sustainability activities are accessible through the relevant sections of the Annual Reports of OYAK as specified below.



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Highlights of the sustainability activities performed in 2015


In parallel with the concept of “decoupling” defined by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as using less natural resources per unit of economic output, an activity initiated in 2015 has been included this year for the first time.

In this initial activity, results of the monitoring and reporting activities performed over the environmental parameters identified at OYAK Group Companies are shared so as to form the basis of the analyses of decoupling. With the maturation of the activity in the upcoming years, it is planned to present the analyses of decoupling on economic and environmental performance.

In OYAK Iron-Steel Group Companies,


During the period “2013-2015” in OYAK Cement Group Companies;


While growing by guaranteeing its profitability in the long-term with the objective of a sustainable return, OYAK Group brought the issue of "impact investing*" to the agenda in the areas that provide environmental and social benefits.


One example of such investments was the acquisition in 2015 of a majority of the shares in the USA based MicroMedicine, which carries out studies in the field of medical technologies. OYAK became a partner with Massachusetts General Hospital within the Harvard Medical School, which is still the USA’s largest research hospital, with this investment.While closely following global developments, OYAK Group takes Turkey’s needs into consideration and establishes its future strategy within the framework of its reflex for leadership.


through energy efficiency projects with various sizes such as Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) and efficient engine investments.

OYAK Cement Companies generated around 93,000 MWh of energy from waste heat in 2015, by increasing energy generation from waste heat five-fold compared to the previous year.



Voluntary carbon certificate was received for a total of 8 energy efficiency investments realized within OYAK Group Companies 


In 2015, the total amount of renewable energy generated by the OYAK Group of Companies is equivalent to the annual average electricity consumption of a city of 214,000 people.



The most important elements of the environmental management approach at the OYAK Group are to develop circular production models and to continuously improve the production processes.





In accordance with the designated biodiversity targets, there is a Biodiversity Working Group for the planning of actions across the Group which systematically directs them.


OYAK Group Companies regularly plant saplings to improve soil quality, to contribute to carbon reduction and to protect a natural environment required for local biodiversity habitats.


The professional and personal development of employees is supported by training provided throughout their careers.


OYAK Group Companies have stepped up their innovation efforts to increase competitiveness on a global and national scale and to respond to the needs and expectations of their stakeholders.

Under the leadership of the R&D Directorate, activities aimed at developing ideas, products and systems, which will create a competitive advantage in the industry, are carried out in Erdemir Group. In this context, the project to "Acquire Experimental Simulation Capabilities" was carried out in the laboratories of the Raw Material and Product Development Simulation Center, in what was a first in Turkey.


Erdemir Group committed itself to improving the production processes, developing lower carbon products and to provide benefit for the future generations with R&D and innovation work by being a member of WorldAutoSteel in 2015.