Sustainability Performance


Indicators aimed at measuring the sustainability performance within OYAK Group are identified by considering internationally accepted principles, guidelines and the multi-sectoral structure of the Group. Monitored indicators are shared with our stakeholders through various platforms and documents within the principles of responsibility and transparency.  

Details of the sustainability activities are accessible through the relevant sections of the Annual Reports of OYAK as specified below.


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Highlights of the sustainability activities performed in 2016 

Integrating sustainability into its corporate strategy and structure, OYAK Group achieved successful results in 2016. For OYAK Group, capitalizing on the link between financial and nonfinancial performance is a critical success factor in sustainability management. In this section, OYAK Group describes its successful sustainability strategy by presenting the environmental, social and financial impact of its operations.


OYAK Sustainability Objectives



OYAK’s Unique Sustainability Management Model Became An International Best Practice!

In collaboration with academic from TED University, OYAK Group published an academic journal to introduce the Group’s unique sustainability management model to the international arena. Titled “Analysis of Sustainability Policy and Practices of a Turkish Group Company: OYAK Case”, the study was presented at the third International Conference on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance, which was held on August 1-3, 2016 in Germany, and it was included in the conference catalogue. The study was also accepted for publication in an international academic journal owned by Springer Publishing.





In 2016, OYAK Group published its Biodiversity Policy, which takes into consideration the Group’s multisector structure and is based on its sensitive approach to biodiversity and rehabilitation.


Approximately 310 hectares of land was rehabilitated and afforested by OYAK Group Companies in 2016.

In 2016, OYAK Group Companies boosted their spending on R&D, innovation and optimization 2.6 fold compared to a year earlier.