OYAK operates both as a pension fund and as a private equity investor...

Founded in 1961, OYAK is Turkey’s first and still its biggest privately-owned pension fund.

OYAK (Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumu / Turkish Armed Forces Assistance (and Pension) Fund) is a corporate entity subject entirely to the provisions of private law and is financially and administratively autonomous. Its structure and activities are governed by its law of incorporation (Law 205).

OYAK also functions both as a life insurer and as a lending institution.

From the standpoint of the services that it provides its members, OYAK acts as an insurance company and also as a financial institution that provides its members with the financial support in the form of credit products that address their particular needs at different stages of their life.

OYAK currently has more than 300,000 members.

Within the framework of a business model whose fundamental objectives are to provide members with the highest possible returns on their savings as well as with high added-value services, OYAK puts its assets in financial and subsidiary investments. In all of its investments, productivity and profitability are OYAK’s priority concerns.

At the focal point of all of OYAK’s activities; there is satisfaction, wellbeing, and secure futures of its members. To this end, OYAK makes use of advanced technology and sophisticated management practices in the most effective way possible in the conduct of its services as it strives to “do better by” its members.