OYAK is Launching The Biggest Housing Project of Its History for Its Members

OYAK is preparing to launch the biggest housing project of its history with a real estate investment of approximately 800 million TL in Ankara, Izmir and Yalova. The project comprised of 3 million 742 thousand square meters will provide the basis for a contemporary living space of approximately 13 thousand houses in Ankara and İzmir, and an industrial complex that will contribute to the economy of Turkey with R&D, industry and logistics centers, advanced technology base and education facilities in addition to 2 thousand houses in Yalova. 

OYAK, Turkey's largest professional pension fund, continues its investments with the goal of bringing its services to the highest standards for more than 300.000 members. Making a land investment of approximately 800 million TL to launch its new projects that will contribute both to its members and to the economy of Turkey, will start the urban design and architectural project in the first half of 2018 on the real estates purchased from Emlak Konut GYO. 

OYAK Board Chairman Mehmet Taş, said, "We concentrated on these projects in order to produce the houses needed by our members, which is also a priority in the foundation law of OYAK. We will continue with our such land and housing investments in the coming period."

Making a real estate investment of 3 million 742 thousand square meters equivalent to approximately 550 football fields in Ankara, İzmir and Yalova, OYAK has started with the preparations for an industrial complex featuring R&D, industry and logistics centers, in addition to the project for approximately 15 15 thousand houses. 








OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem: "OYAK's top priority is to produce projects in line with the needs of its members"

Highlighting that OYAK builds all of its works by focusing on the benefit of more than 300 thousand members, OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem said, "OYAK's top priority is to produce projects in line with the needs of its members. Housing need has an important place within these services. The most prominent need appears to be this as we have observed during the association tours and questionnaires made regularly with our members. We are excitedly launching this big investment project which we have detailed as a result of 6-month work of our Real Estate Development Coordinator. Delivered 12 thousand houses to its members since it was established, OYAK will be realizing the biggest housing investment in its history when these new projects are completed."




12 thousand new houses in Ankara

First of all, it is being planned to build 12 thousand houses in stages in a giant living area to be built on a land of 2 million square meters in Ballıkuyumcu area on Ankara-Eskişehir Road. The project will feature all kinds of facilities from sociocultural facilities to educational facilities, kids' playgrounds to food & beverage and shopping areas, and will become an exemplary center of life designed according to modern urbanism understanding. Urban and architectural design of the project will begin in the first half of 2018.

An investment of 1.000 houses in Urla, the new attraction center

OYAK has launched an investment for one thousand houses in Urla district of İzmir, one of the settlements preferred by its members. An environmentally sensitive living space with social facilities will be built on a land of 368 thousand square meters acquired within the scope of the project aimed to be started in 2019.

An industry and technology complex in Yalova

The organization plans another big real estate investment on a land of approximately 1,5 million square meters in Yalova Çiftlikköy, located in Istanbul-Kocaeli-Bursa triangle which is the heart of Turkish industry. R&D, industry and logistic centers, advanced technology base and training facilities, which will enable OYAK companies to carry out their operations more effectively, and a living space of approximately 2.000 houses will take place within the scope of the project. The project is planned to be launched in 2019 following the completion of zoning plans and requirement schedules.

Also making an evaluation related to the industrial base planned in Yalova, Erdem said: "While serving to our country's economy with our group companies operating in locomotive sectors, OYAK also attaches a great importance to the continuous development of our companies. As a result of management's evaluation on the group's needs, we have identified a need for a center that will contribute in innovation, technology, R&D, logistics and vocational training. To be located in a strategic region like Yalova, our center will be a source and an example for other investments in the coming years."