İsdemir and Hak-İş reached agreement Collective labor agreement is signed

The process, which has started with a constructive approach between İsdemir and the Hak-İş Confederation in August, continued in peace and concluded with an agreement. The signing ceremony of the 26th term collective labor contract between the labor union and the employer, which covers 3107 workers, was held in Ankara.


Covering between 01.01.2018 and 12.31.2020, a collective labor agreement was signed between Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory (İsdemir, one of OYAK Mining-Metallurgy Group companies) and Hak-İş Confederation. OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem, İsdemir General Manager Toker Özcan, Hak-İş Confederation General Chairman Mahmut Arslan and Çelik-İş General Chairman Yunus Değirmenci attended the signing ceremony of the contract, which covers 3107 workers.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated: “As an institution that primarily protects the rights of OYAK members, we also take care of the rights of our employees as well as our members and see give great importance to the concept of 'labor'. The challenging contracting process we had started in August is ended with reconciliation, thanks to the constructive approach of the parties to the contract. As the employer, we are pleased to see the result of the negotiations, which we conducted in a peaceful environment, with the happiness of our employees. I would like to express my gratitude to the chairmen of Hak-İş and Çelik-İş who are in favor of dialogue and reconciliation during the process, and I wish that the result will be auspicious.”


Mahmut Arslan, Chairman of the Hak-İş Confederation mentioned: “We have conducted a challenging and delicate contractual process in line with our working principle, which has preferred reconciliatory and constructive dialogue instead of confliction. During the negotiation process, we paid regard to the world conjuncture, the reality of our country and the competition; and as all parties, we worked with the same diligence to issue a contract in favor of our members. I would like to thank administrations of OYAK and İsdemir for their supports to Hak-İş during the contract period. I wish that our members, our union, region, and country would benefit from this process that ended with the satisfaction to the parties of the contract.” Arslan also informed that the signed contract would be celebrated with a ceremony in the coming days.