Hektaş Establishes The First Extensive R&D Center of The Agricultural Sector

Hektaş, one of OYAK companies, received approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to establish Turkey's first extensive R&D center in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. By carrying out researches on plant protection, plant nutrition, seed improvement and animal health in its R&D center, Hektaş aims to develop products and methods to add value to agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey.

Hektaş, with its 61 years of experience in agricultural sector, received approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for the R&D center to conduct projects on plant protection and plant nutrition, seed improvement, animal health and IoT (Internet of Things) in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.

As of the second half of 2018, ongoing R&D activities are planned to be carried out in the new R&D center on an area of 1,200 square meters. 25 personnel specialized in agriculture and animal husbandry will work in the R&D center, and new formulations will also be worked on while developing existing products. With its new R&D center, Hektaş aims to activate university-industry cooperation in agriculture, establish common synergy in agricultural sector, use standard-upgrading techniques, develop new products and production methods, increase the competitiveness, provide qualified labor force, develop IoT applications to engage in activities that will minimize the external dependency.

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated: “We are continuing our efforts to develop domestic and national agriculture in order to minimize the external dependency of the agriculture of Turkey. The acceleration of development we have achieved in OYAK companies is progressing satisfactorily in Hektaş as well. In our R&D center, we will integrate the technology and agriculture to make Turkey's soil more efficient. Thus, we will have the opportunity to apply our efforts in the fields of seeds and fertilizers. I believe that these efforts we have initiated to ensure the economic development of our country will provide positive contributions to agriculture of Turkey.”

“In agricultural sector, the power is now in the hands of those who control the information”

Hektaş General Manager Levent Ortakçıer mentioned that they regarded their R&D work as the focal point of the company and continued: "In agriculture, power was in the hands of financiers. But today, the power is in the hands of those who control the information. The research conducted by international organizations shows that the amount of product obtained from 1-hectare area in Turkey is very low. For instance, the Netherlands produces 9.2 tons of wheat per hectare, which is 2.4 tons in Turkey. We are in a similar position in animal husbandry; we have 5.5 million cows and we produce 16.9 million tons of milk. But regarding Germany, we see that 32.7 million tons of milk is produced with 4.3 million cows. The most important thing to close this efficiency gap is to engage science and intelligence more into the agricultural sector. In addition to basin-based production planning, it is necessary to work according to the needs of each region and to farm according to the soil structure belongs to the area. In order to be more effective and more efficient, we aim to increase the product quality and the harvest with the R&D center, and to contribute to national agriculture. I hope that our center will be beneficial to our institution and to our country.”