A New Housing Opportunity for OYAK Members

OYAK is realizing OYAK Göksupark housing project with 1876 residences located in Ankara-Eryaman with its renewed look. The launching of the project, which more than 150 thousand OYAK members can benefit from, was made ın 11th of November with the participation of OYAK General Assembly members, Chairman of the Board of Directors (E.) Major General Mehmet Taş, General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem and many members.

OYAK, the largest occupational retirement fund in Turkey, is realizing "OYAK Göksupark" housing project, which consists of 1876 residences located in Eryaman, the rising value of Ankara. The project’s launching was made on November 11, 2017, with the participation of OYAK General Board members, Chairman of the Board of Directors (Retired) Major General Mehmet Taş, General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem, members of OYAK Board of Directors and many OYAK members. The project is scheduled to be delivered in August 2020.

OYAK Göksupark will be built on an area of approximately 73 thousand square meters, right beside Göksu Park, and away from the rumble of the city. The project will consist of apartments with modern architecture, designed as 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1. OYAK Göksupark will be a living center of the region with 38 thousand square meters landscaping area, social facility areas, ornamental pools, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, walkways, activity area, thematic gardens, children's playgrounds and 7 commercial units. The project is located in a prestigious area that allows easy access as 3 minutes to bus stops, 5 minutes to metro, education institutions, nearest hospital and Göksu Shopping Center, 20 minutes to the city center, and 30 minutes to the airport.

Members willing to own a residence, priced from 191 thousand TL to 725 thousand TL, will be able to use housing loan with appropriate interest rate form the banks collaborated. Primarily 153,000 OYAK members, whose membership is longer than 10 years, will benefit the project.

Speaking at the project’s launching event, OYAK Chairman of the Board of Directors (Retired) Major General Mehmet Taş stated: “Thanks to the support we receive from nearly 320,000 OYAK members and their trust, we are determined to move towards our goals. To keep our members happy, we continue to work in force. We are honored to move OYAK one step further with every new success we earn. We are delighted to realize OYAK Göksupark project on these lands, which will add value to Turkey's contemporary urban planning and urbanism approach.”

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem mentioned that more than 150 thousand OYAK members could benefit from the project in the first place. He continued: “As OYAK, in addition to providing sustainable real returns to the savings of our members, our priority is improving the services we provide to them, under the current circumstances. Among these services, housing need holds an important place. The most important issue pointed out during the troop visits and in the questionnaires we conduct, is also focused on this need. Delivering nearly 15 thousand houses to our members from our establishment to date, we will steadfastly continue to dwelling production projects in the coming period. We are proudly making this project real in Eryaman, as one of the most important districts ins Ankara.”